Thank you Wilma for the wonderful baklava that I bought from you for my son’s wife, Jenny.  She has always loved baklava and I was happy to hear that you were selling your specialty.  I had tasted it at one of our Mary Kay Meetings and I loved it. We celebrated her birthday at a Mexican Restaurant – She opened the present before dinner.  She was thrilled. When it came time to order dessert we just ordered coffee and quietly passed around the baklava. Mmmmmmmmm Good.   Just thought you would like to know that it was such a hit.  –  Pat Helms

Wilma has a great little company dedicated to making the best Baklava you could ask for. She has prepared and packaged this product in gift boxes that anyone would be proud to give to clients or to personal friends. She always delivers a great product on when you need it. Plus she is one of the nicest people I know.  –  Jim Stowe

Make-up, life advice or the best Baklava in Colorado– Wilma wears a lot of hats and does so with great panache! I can’t think of anyone who does ‘networking’ better than Wilma, but more importantly, she is genuine, down-to-earth and has a heart of pure gold.  –  Judith Haynes, Naturopath, Bio Wellness Consulting

Have you ever asked – “What came first…baklava from Greece or Turkey?” Who cares… when there’s a source of delicious baklava this side of the Atlantic! Baklava by Wilma rivals any baklava I’ve tasted in the US or in Turkey….it presents well and is delicious. In fact, my daughter chose Wilma’s baklava over wedding cake for her reception – and a sweet memory was made. Baklava is great for celebrations, hostess or holiday gifts and simple enjoyment!  –  Donna A., Student Services, Western Governors University

I had the joy of meeting Wilma at a Women, Wine and Wellness event and taste her fabulous Baklava. Wilma is truly a joy and her Baklava is to die for. I would definitely recommend getting on Wilma’s contacts so that you may send Baklava to friends and relatives, not just at Christmas but any time of the year.  –  Mini Tenace, Owner, Plumbline Digital, LLC

Yummy! Wilma makes the best Baklava! Lots of nuts, phyllo and honey and butter! Makes your mouth water just thinking about it! She boxes it up into a great gift presentation!  –  Darcy Woodham, Owner, Woodham Accounting Services

I have used Wilma’s Baklava on many occasions including family get togethers, client gifts, and as a great dessert for seminars and company events. Wilma’s baklava is absolutely delicious and is always a hit. Wilma does a great job with presentation and her baklava adds a unique flair to your event.  –  Randy Anderson

Wilma is a professional in everything she does. Her Baklava is wonderful and a hit at all gatherings. Wilma not only is a great baker, she also delivers on a timely matter. – Amy Schulstad

Wilma Dunias is a hardworking and dependable businesswoman. She has always offered her sincere commitment to providing the best service to me. She goes beyond expectations with an extra touch and thoughtfulness. She pours love into all she does, making what she does personal and unique. She can treat your skin with Mary Kay or your tummy to Baklava … and make you smile in the glow of her friendship.  –  Virginia Clair

I’ve heard nothing but praise from the customers who received your baklava. The extra box for our office was gone in a hurry – everyone loved it! The smaller boxes were perfect for individuals and small families, and the large boxes with the seal went to some small business clients. Everyone appreciated the treat. I’ve passed along your business card to the admins in our offices for future office parties, birthdays, and customer appreciation. We really enjoyed your baklava (delicious!) and I’m sure we will place additional orders in the future. – Emily Adams Content Marketing Specialist Automated Marketing Group

Wilma Dunias’ Baklava is the BEST!!!  I was introduced to Baklava when I lived in Greee many years ago.  It is tastes just like the Baklava I had in the old country.  Wilma fills her orders and sends the box(s).  The box(s) arrive in good shape.  Don’t hesitate to buy from her.  You won’t regret it! – Betty Freeman

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